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Most people with scoliosis want to avoid spinal surgery if possible and are looking for the best non-surgical treatment. Bracing has been shown to be one of the best treatments for Scoliosis. This video explains more…

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“Being diagnosed with scoliosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time for patients and their loved ones. Most people want to avoid spinal surgery if possible, and are looking for the best nonsurgical treatment for their child or themselves. Bracing has been shown to be the best treatment for scoliosis, but not all braces are the same and some braces work better than others. By using recent advances in 3D body scanning technology and a unique approach to 3D design, the ScoliBrace has been developed to achieve the best possible results, including the reduction of curves in many cases. ScoliBrace is a truly custom designed scoliosis brace made for each individual patient. Each brace is designed using 3D scans, posture photos, and x-rays with the aim of achieving improvement where possible rather than simply holding the scoliosis in place.

When it comes to traditional scoliosis braces, most braces for scoliosis are not true three dimensional, corrective braces, and rely on three points of pressure to try and squeeze the spine straight. Some other types of braces that claim to be custom 3D, often not, in fact, custom braces and are made from a standard library shape forced to fit the patient.

The ScoliBrace has a versatile range for different curve types, which means there’s a treatment option for most scoliosis cases. For children, a nighttime brace might be the best option to reduce small curves before they get too big. For adolescence, ScoliBrace may reduce curves, stabilize the spine in times of rapid growth and improve the posture. For hyperkyphosis sufferers or Scheuermann’s Kyphosis curves may be reduced and significant improvements made to postural appearance. For adults ScoliBrace may reduce pain, improve posture, and slow or stop progression of the scoliosis allowing for a better quality of life.

ScoliBrace is patient friendly and gets results. Each brace is custom made to ScoliCare‘s protocols, ensuring every brace is a consistent high quality design. It’s sleek and compact design means that it’s pretty much invisible under clothing. And remember, ScoliBrace is only available through certified clinics and trained providers. So you can have confidence that your treatment is in good hands.

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Dr. Walter Salubro is a Certified ScoliBrace provider in Vaughan, ON Canada. Tel: (905) 303-1009

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