Why Does A Bulging Disc Hurt More In The Morning? | Dr. Walter Salubro Chiropractor in Vaughan

In this video, you will learn why disc bulge symptoms and disc bulge related pain hurts more in the morning. Why does a bulging disc hurt in the morning? That’s a great question. If you’ve been diagnosed with an L4 L5 disc bulge or an L5 S1 disc bulge and the MRI showed that there was damage in these discs and you find that there’s pain and more in the morning, there’s a reason why, and I’ll explain in this video. I had a patient that came to my office and he had extreme back pain and and the pain was radiating down into his calf right down to the foot and he had MRI done that showed that he had an L4 L5 and L5 S1 disc bulge. And one of the things he was telling me on a regular basis is that every time he woke up in the morning, his back pain was getting worse and it was leg pain was getting worse.

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