Three Great Tips For Sciatica Relief During Pregnancy | Dr. Walter Salubro ft Dr. Ali Miller

In this video, I collaborate with Dr. Ali Miller, chiropractor in Bolton, Ontario. Dr. Miller shares two great stretches for sciatica relief during pregnancy and also explains Webster Technique. Sciatica is an extremely painful condition that is characterized by pain originating in the lower back area, sacral region, and shoots into the buttock, down to the thigh and the leg. Sciatica nerve pain can occur in pregnancy and sciatic pain can make pregnancy very uncomfortable. Sciatica stretches may provide sciatica relief during pregnancy.

This video shows two stretches for sciatica during pregnancy. Also, this video explains how a chiropractic technique, called Webster Technique, may provide not only relief in lower back pain, sciatica pain during pregnancy, but also allow for improved sacrum function and balance, which may help with a healthier, easier pregnancy.

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