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“4 Quick Stretches for Sciatica Leg Pain Relief”

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  • Simple step-by-step instructions for sciatica specific stretches that can be done at home in less than 9 minutes.
  • The KEY muscle that MUST be stretched when there’s shooting leg pain.
  • How to RELIEVE tension in the lower back and buttock area, a common source of leg pain.

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Here’s What Other Have Said After Doing These Sciatica Relief Stretches

I am in so much pain and after doing these 3 exercises I got instant relief. Thank you.

Sally M.

This is amazing. Thank you these exercises have helped my husband tremendously!!

Cynthia F.

Thank you so much for these stretches. It really helps me relieve the pain from sciatica. I felt relieve the very next day!! I looked at many other [resources] showing different stretches but yours is the best. Thank you for taking your time to show us how to do the stretches.


Hello Doctor thank you for your guidance, these exercises are really helpful.

Hussein A.

After 4 physio visits which only temporarily relieved sciatica, these 3 stretches stopped the pain. Thank you so much for these videos.


Bingo…after years of suffering these exercises…saved my life.

Tim F.

I did those in the army..yes very effective indeed!

David B.

I shared this with my brother and he is hugely better today after doing these stretches. Thank you.