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Chiropractor in Vaughan, Dr. Walter Salubro, Demonstrates What the Normal Alignment of the Spine Is and Why the Spine Is Checked by Chiropractors

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Hey, Dr. Walter here. I am going to show you WHAT A SPINE looks like normal alignment, normal spinal model and why it’s important to check it. Why I as a chiropractor, why chiropractors in general, check the spine. So let me show you this spinal model here.

This is a plastic model. So the spine has a normal alignment and this alignment is straight from front to back. So normal alignment is straight from front to back and from the side it has these three curves. So, the spine should look straight from front to back and curved when looking through the side.

The white blocks over here, these are the bones. There’s 24 movable bones in the spine. They’re called vertebra. In-between these bones these are the discs. You may have heard of bulging discs, herniated discs, disc degeneration, this is the degeneration that can be anywhere along any one of these bones. This more commonly happens in the lower area of the spine, the lower back and the neck area. But of course, it can occur in the middle back. The different regions of the spine they’re called; upper part, this is the neck region that’s called the cervical part of the spinal so cervical spine, the middle area where the ribs attach that’s called the thoracic spine, and the lower back is called the lumbar spine. The lower back has five vertebra, five lumber vertebra. The middle area has 12 vertebra. The cervical area has seven vertebra.

At the bottom, the base of the spine, the backside here, that’s the sacrum. On the side over here is the pelvis and the pelvis. So, the spine sits on the actual sacrum. The sacrum is like a foundation to the rest of the spine. On the inside, this is the whole purpose why chiropractors check it, it will be hard for you to see it, but on the inside is where the spinal cord is. So the spinal cord runs from the brain, in through the spinal canal, behind all of the spinal bones and then ends about L1 L2. It then branches off as the nerves that reach into the lower lumbar and (something) region, and they go into the legs.

So, every single organ system in your body, every single body part, every single gland, every single cell every, single tissue, in fact everything in your body, connects to your brain through the spinal cord which is inside the spinal column. Through all of these nerves called spinal nerves. There’re 31 pairs of nerves, 31 on each side.

So, if you look at this poster down here, this is the brain, spinal column, inside the spinal column is the spinal cord. Spinal cord branches out to 31 nerves and goes to all your organ systems. So, there is nothing in your systems, in your body, that does not connect to the brain through your spine. And that is why, as chiropractors, we check the spine. It is impossible to have optimal health, or express full health, and be well without the brain connecting properly with your body. You don’t have to take my word for that, I mean look at some of these extreme case examples. Someone like Christopher Reeve’s, if you remember him, he played Superman in the 70s and 80s great movies and great actor. He had an injury. He fell off the horse while horseback riding and he fractured a part of his neck at the very top, that bony fracture that bony fragment injured his spinal cord. What happened? He was paralyzed from the neck down, couldn’t move his arms, couldn’t move his legs, couldn’t function and needed all kinds of support. He was in a wheelchair.

So, he had no connection from his brain to the rest of his body, into parts of his body that controlled his major organs systems and also his arms and legs, especially his arms and legs so he couldn’t walk, couldn’t move. So, he had no connection from brain to body from the neck down, so he couldn’t function very well. So that’s how important that is for that. If you’ve heard of other spinal cord injury cases, you’ll see people do not function to the full capacity. They’re very very limited and very disabled. So the same thing happens without extreme cases in the same idea. So the spine should have a normal curve. Right. And if someone begins to bend forward like that with their spine and their posture, now what they’re doing is they’re stressing the bones over here where the bend is occurring causing advanced degeneration to occur.

But more importantly is actually stretching the spinal cord on the inside, irritating that nervous system and it can cause a whole bunch of local inflammation which leads to pain response, muscle tightness, immobility, increases the stress response in the body, alters posture which is not good, and overtime can actually degenerate. But more importantly, it’s actually irritating the nervous system and basically interfering with that connection from brain to body, so that cannot lead to good things. So as a chiropractor we check for these misalignments, if they’re twisted or turn. We checked for these abnormal positions of the spine and then we apply corrective techniques to actually correct it. So put them into proposition and restore that normal alignment. And the amazing part is that people get well when we do that, it’s phenomenal. So, when there is that interference from connection of brain the body, people are sick. When there is a better connection from brain the body, people are well.

And as chiropractors, we help facilitate that correction. But the healing happens within you naturally because those healing abilities are already inherent than innate in you and it travels through the connections of the nervous system. But when it’s interfered with that, that connection interferes with the healing ability. When we restore alignment, that connection is restored. And now people function, heal and their body is repairing better. They’re having less stress, less inflammation, improved posture, and they’re living their life really really well. So it’s kind of a crash course on spinal anatomy, why we check it as a chiropractor, the relevance to the nervous system and overall people’s health.

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You know I find that spinal health seems to be the big missing link to people’s health improvement these days. Many people have been taught that you need to eat while which is true. You need to eat well, have good foods put good food into your body. You need to drink good fluids. Water really good water. You need to exercise, keep your body moving. All of these are important. Stress is a big factor these days. You need to watch your stress levels and manage and have strategies for stress. You need to have good sleep, rest and recovery. But I want to ask you, have you ever been told that you need to keep your spine aligned properly and taken care of? Because you know what, it protects the nervous system and that controls everything else. You can do all the other things really well and habitually which is great, but if this is like that, then now you’re going to be limited big time with your health. And that’s where chiropractic comes in. Chiropractic is the missing key to people’s health care in most cases, but more and more people are realizing that these days and when they’re not finding the solution elsewhere with other things that are doing, they come to the chiropractic office and it tends to be that last resort that really really helped them. So that’s my tutorial video for today. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch on the next video.