How To Prevent A 'Heart Attack Grill'-Like Incident

Did you hear? Fox News reported about a man who suffered a heart attack while dining at a popular Las Vegas restaurant and the restaurant is called Heart Attack Grill.

Irony, you call it? Coincidence? Or was it a series of choices that led to an impactful wake-up call for this man? Luckily the paramedics arrived in time to help this man and reports say he is alive.

More then likely this wasn’t due to a one-time meal at a high-calorie restaurant but due to a series of choices that culminated in a traumatic and life-threatening incident.

At our clinic, Back To Health Chiropractic Centre, we teach about choices at our wellness workshops and lectures. I tell our patients that the choices you make today in life will shape your future.  And if you want to live a life of your dreams and vision, the choices you make today absolutely matter.  So you owe it to yourself to make the right choices for your health and your well-being, not just for now but for the rest of your life.

Being a good steward of your body is therefore essential for life-long health.  Take care of your body and take care of your health by making choices that support optimal health and optimal well-being.  This is called prevention.

Once you are reacting to symptoms or conditions, this means the underlying problem has already been developing.  Emergency care by a paramedic is reactionary care. It can save your life in an emergency or crisis, that’s what EMS is for, but who wants to be in that position?

Support your body with the right fuel – the right nutritional intake – by eating good, wholesome foods that are high in nutrional value.  There are many good books on nutrition and eating that you can use as a guide.  You can also seek the advice of a holistic nutritionist.

Support your body with the right movements – exercise regularly, at least one hour, three to four times a week.  There are many good books on exercise and fitness as well as many great home-based exercise videos and programs that can assist you with this.  You can also seek the advice of a personal trainer.

Support your body by keeping your spine and nervous system optimized.  Get a spinal check up and get any spinal misalignments adjusted if necessary.  A chiropractor can help you with this.  Seek out a chiropractor in your area and ask him or her how chiropractic be a part of your health and wellness plan.

Manage your stress – physical, emotional and mental.  Yoga, exercise, massage, meditating, prayer, breathing exercises are just some coping strategies that can help.

Write out life goals – things you want to accomplish in your life that are aligned with your life purpose and your life dreams. This helps put all your other choices in life into perspective for you.

You see, you are in control of your choices in life — you are in control of being a good steward of your body and your health. You are in control of making choices in exercise, nutrition, stress management, life goals and optimizing your spine and nervous system. You are in control of seeking the help and advice of others when needed.  And you are control in making appropriate choices that can help prevent health problems.

Choose wisely!


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