How To Get Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy | Dr. Walter Salubro ft. Dr. Pete Angerilli

Sciatica pain during pregnancy can be a very debilitating problem. In my office, we also provide chiropractic pregnancy care. And one of the most common pain conditions we see during pregnancy with our patients is sciatica nerve pain. For a mom-to-be, all she wants is to have a stress-free, pain-free wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience. However, sciatica during pregnancy can make the pregnancy feel longer and uncomfortable.

In this video, I am collaborating with another chiropractor, Dr. Pete Angerilli of Burlington, Ontario. The purpose of this video is to give you two tips that will help you with relieving sciatic pain during pregnancy. Dr. Pete Angerilli will share these two tips for pregnancy sciatic relief and even demonstrate them with one of his patients. The sciatica pregnancy stretch and sciatica pregnancy relief technique shown by Dr. Pete Angerilli in this video is great specifically for trimester 1 and trimester 2.

Sciatica can occur in second trimester pregnancy, 2nd trimester. Stretches for sciatica during pregnancy can be very relieving. I may help with the unbearable sciatica pain during pregnancy. This video will talk about sciatic nerve and pregnancy and share stretches and technique for sciatic nerve relief pregnancy. Not only can pregnancy sciatica stretches may help, but chiropractic care has helped may moms-to-be experience sciatic relief while pregnant.

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