Computerized Posture Assessment

At Back To Health Chiropractic Centre, we take spinal and postural problems seriously.

As well as a thorough spinal exam, some patients require a more detailed measurement
and analysis of their posture.

To do this, we take a picture of the patient standing and then digitize this picture with
licenced software called Posture Print by Biotonix Inc.

A 17 page individualized report is then prepared for the patient showing the postural
displacements with detailed measurements.


  • Gives you a precise, evidence based measurement of your posture .
  • You get a 17 page posture report with your findings and exercise instructions.
  • Specific mirror image exercises to help correct your posture are taught.
  • You get a clear direction toward correcting bad posture and posture problems.
  • Your exercise is monitored and advanced every 4 weeks.
  • A complete approach to correcting posture displacements and improve your overall posture.
  • An improved posture means less painé
  • An improved posture means less muscle tension.
  • An improved posture means better health.
  • An improved posture means you look better when you stand in good posture.

After 12 weeks, we re-take another digital picture and prepare a new report
and compare before and after posture pictures.

Many patients have seen greats results and improvement of their posture when they
combined corrective chiropractic treatments with mirror image posture exercises.

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