Chiropractic care for children is safe, gentle and effective.  Many parents bring their children to Back To Health Chiropractic Centre for regular chiropractic care. 

Mom and Child HappyHow do you know if your child needs a chiropractic spinal check-up? Consider this …

1. The birth process. Whether natural or Cesarean, birthing can be traumatic for the new born baby, especially when forceps  or vacuum extraction was used. All children have been through the birth process therefore they deserve a chiropractic spinal check-up. 

2. Milestones. When a child progresses through major milestones, like crawling, sitting, walking, this is an important time for a chiropractic spinal check-up because the normal curves of the spine are developing during these milestones.  

3. Falls and tumbles. Certainly when there is a serious fall the child’s spine must be checked. However, an infant may have “little” tumbles many times throughout their childhood from playing and from activities like bike riding.  Each of these tumbles add stress to the spine and nervous system over time even when there is no pain.  Therefore, a chiropractic spinal check-up is certainly necessary.

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Dr. Walter Salubro

Dr. Walter Salubro is a family wellness chiropractor, the author of Back to Health by Choice, and the owner of Back To Health Chiropractic Centre in Maple, Ontario. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and moved to Vaughan, Ontario, with his family at the age of fifteen. Dr. Salubro graduated from York University in 1996 and from the National College of Chiropractic in 1999. He has been practicing chiropractic and serving his community of Maple and Vaughan for over fifteen years. Dr. Salubro provides chiropractic care to people of all age groups. He is trained in applying specific chiropractic techniques that are just as suitable for children as they are for adults. In addition to offering specific spinal adjustments and posture corrective techniques, Dr. Salubro offers an extensive lineup of health seminars, exercise classes, and a run/walk club to his patients. Dr. Salubro is an avid runner, having completed multiple marathons and half marathons. Dr. Walter Salubro is dedicated to providing exceptional chiropractic care for all his patients. He caters to the care of infants and pregnant mothers. Dr. Salubro is certified from the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and the Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP). Dr. Walter Salubro is Webster Technique Certified, which is certified and recognized by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).